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     1914  Twombly Cyclecar

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1914  Twombly CycleCar

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1914 Twombly Cyclecar

Entrant number 19 Driver Merv Kroll    email

                                       1914 Twombly Cyclecar              CONTINUES NEXT PAGE

Driggs-Seabury Ordinance Corp Pennsylvania

Owned By: Mervyn and Margaret Kroll - Brisbane

(one of three known remaining wordwide)

Motor - "Twombly" type "A" . 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, water cooled, cast en bloc,

               thermo syphon system,  12-15 H.P. Positive oiling mechanical valves,  located

                on left side of motor. High grade bronze   bearings Throughout.

Transmission - "Twombly" straight faced friction with 2 speed drive shaft and single

                chain drive to rear axle, giving 6 speeds forward and 2 reverse. Bearings of

                high grade bronze.

Rear Axle - "Twombly" live unbreakable type with standard differential and solid

                shaft from wheel to  wheel, differential casing acting as emergency brake.

                Axle surrounded by seamless steel tube.   Hyat roller bearings exclusively.

Front Axle -   Drop forged I-beam section, chrome nickel steel. Bearings annular ball.

Suspension  - "Twombly" underslung, giving low centre of gravity and perfect balance.

Frame    -         Pressed steel, channel section.

Springing system - Rear - Cantilever, 36 inches long

                            Front - Semi elliptic, 30 inches long.

Wheels -         8 x 2 1/2 extra heavy wire

Tyres -           Extra heavy clincher non-skid, rear, corrugated, front.

Brakes -         Service, on different case. Transmission acts as a powerful

                        emergency brake.

Gas tank -      In cowl, 5 gallons capacity

Ignition -        Heinze high tension magneto

Carburetor - Longuemeare

Lubrication - Splash and force feed.

Radiator -       Cellular, nickel.

Steering -       "Twombly" adjustable gear. Steering wheel 14 inches, Irreversible

                          worm and sector.

Control -         Hand or foot. Gas throttle lever on dash and foot throttle accelerator.

                        Contracting brake band  on differential casing. Transmission can be

                        used as a powerful emergency brake.

Wheelbase  -  100 inches.

Road Clearance - 9 1/2 inches.  Weight - 600 pounds.

Stock color -    Sulphur yellow with black and nickel trimmings.

Equipment-      includes two oil side lamps and one tail lamp. Horn and complete

                          set of tools.


Top -  One man top with envelope and side curtains, $25.00

Windshield - $12.00                     Speedometer - $12.00

Electric lighting - 2 head lights, 1 tail light, storage battery and dimmer, independent push buttons

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