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Jaguar And Daimler

1973 V12 series 1 XJ Vanden Plas.
1967 3.8 litre S type Jaguar auto.
1955 Mark 7 Jaguar
1958 Jaguar 2.4 Mark 1 Saloon
. . . . . (restoration project). . . . .

1974 Daimler DS420 Limousine
1956 Daimler Century Saloon,
1969 Jaguar 4.2L E type 2 plus 2
1962 Mark II 2.4 litre Jaguar
1982 4.2 litre Series 3 XJ6 Soverereign
1982 Jaguar Series 3v XJ6 Saloon
1997 Jaguar XK8 Coupe
1965 Jaguar 3.8 litre S Type Saloon
1987 Jaguar XJ 40 Saloon
1967 3.8 Litre S Type Jaguar
Series 3.4 Litre XJ6 (Roy Booty)
Series 3 4.2 Litre XJ6 (Mcdonald)
Series 1 4.2 Litre XJ6
1962 3.8I E type Coupe
1965 Jaguar Mark 10 Saloon

1948 Jaguar Mk IV Drophead,
1959 Jaguar Mk IX Saloon

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1959 Jaguar Mk IX Saloon, Gray with red leather interior. Whitewall tires over painted wheels. 3.5 liter in-line 6, dual overhead cams, twin SU side draft carbs, automatic transmission. Was restored some years ago, purchased as you see it. Has some Canadian history as it was bought new from a dealer in Canada.

1959  Jaguar  Mk  IX  Saloon

Both the above cars have won recent awards.  including taking first and second together at the Gathering at Glenmoor in Canton Ohio.

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1948 Jaguar Mk IV Drophead

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The Jaguar Mk IX  A large and luxurious Saloon car  (curb weight of  4,000 LB (1,800 kg)). was  introduced in  October 1958 and was produced alongside the Mark VIII for around a year before the earlier model was discontinued.

The two models were almost Identical and the most obvious difference is the Mark IX has badges on the boot lid. Less obvious differences were four wheel  Disc brakes by Dunlop, power steering a two speed heater and an indicator stalk on the steering column and few other minor improvements, like twin 6 volt batteries

The Mark IX was the first Jaguar fitted with the XK engine which had  the slightly bigger bore  making it  a 3.8 L (231 in) - 3781 cc, 220 hp (164 kW) DOHC straight six  an improvement on the earlier  3.4 L (210 in).

Around 10,005 units were made between 1959 and 1961 and excellent examples can be found world wide ranging from the UK to  Australia and the USA and Canada. It was replaced by the Jaguar Mark X, that in turn was a much larger car.

All jaguars are highly collectable, This model is no exception.

This car  - 'Just visiting'  from Ohio U.S.A. 

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