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1958 Vauxhall Victor

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15th April 1958.

Completely New Vauxhall

April 16 1956

New Vauxhall Model announced

16th April 1958
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15th December 1952

Road impressions of the 1957 Vauxhall Velox

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Sept 16th 1957

New Vauxhall "Victor Super"

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1958 Vauxhall Victor

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1958 Vauxhall Victor  &   1958 victor Super.

I decided to get the Victor because I was looking for something in the fifties era, and had set myself a budget of $500, for a complete car that was restorable.  As you may or may not be able to tell from the above photo there is a minimum of rust, a little in the boot, a little on each wing, and some surface rust, the car runs, although it will not move. The chrome work needs re doing, but I am not in a hurry, this is a nice five six year project.

Well maybe longer….

A week after I got the above vehicle I got a phone call offering me another one , I figured a few spares would come in handy so me and a few Club members went out to look at another Victor.

My memory of the Victor, was way out, because when I saw the other Victor it was different, The bonnet was different (not in photo, it was in shed) the rear door panels had a fancy ridge, the mudguards and bumpers were different. The second vehicle was not in as good condition, the sills are best part rusted out, there is a bit of Bog here and there, But it was a pretty car. So I decided I would rebuild the both of them. With the second car came four spare doors a spare bonnet , Two front windscreens, a rear windscreen, an old motor (bashed about) an old front end (been in paddock for a few years) and a set of service Manuals and spare parts list. The second car cost me $250.

So all up $750. And now I have no reason to have nothing to do. Expect an update in six months

12 month update, Up to this time I have refurbished the brake Cylinders on the top vehicle. A lot of time was spent re-organizing under the house so I have room to work. (other projects have kept me away. . . But I never said I was in a hurry. . .