2001 dodge ram 1500 Review

2001 dodge ram 1500

2001 dodge ram 1500 can be considered if people are looking for high functionality vehicle. Many people maybe will prefer more luxury options of sedan or SUV but other people looks for vehicle which can really be function. Of course, truck will be a great choice and Dodge Ram becomes pretty favorite choice for years. People can find better features come in the 2001 generation instead of the older version such as 1997 dodge ram 1500, but is it really the best choice for them? Of course, it will be better if they find out more about this vehicle.


This truck model comes with options which people can choose. Of course, they have to make sure that the choice is really suitable to their need. They can consider about the quad cab 8 feet box ram 1500 which comes with two-wheel drive for instance. Two-wheel drives can also be found from the regular cab 6.5 feet box work special ram 1500 work special. If two-wheel drive is not their choice, people can also consider the quad cab 8 feet box ram 1500 which is supported with four-wheel drives.


The quad cab eight feet box ram 1500 type comes with eight cylinders engine for both wheel drives. Meanwhile, the regular cab comes with V6 cylinder engine. It is offered with five speeds for manual transmission. The automatic transmission is optional and it comes with four speeds. Rear wheel drive can be found for the two-wheel drive quad cab and regular cab while the four wheel drive quad cab comes with four wheel drive. All of the models are powered with gasoline fuel. Power steering can be found in every model while the adjustable steering wheel is optional for all of them. Disc brake can be found at the front while the rear has the drum brakes.


Power mirrors can be found for the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive quad cab. Intermittent wipers with speed variable can be found in every model. All season tire can be found for the front and rear. All the wheels are made from steel while chrome is optional. Fog lamps can be found as lighting feature for the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive quad cab.


It is the time to explore the features which can be found from the car interior. There are not much options which can be found as standard interior features of this vehicle. Vinyl seats and split bench seat can be found from the quad cab while the regular cab comes with vinyl seats and fixed bench seat. AM/FM stereo becomes the standard entertainment option for the quad cab but it is optional for the regular cab.

Various features are optional for this vehicle including the cruise control, power windows, and trip computer. Optional seat features can also be considered from the heated front seat to the leather seats. Air conditioning is also optional. The optional audio features including CD player, premium quality sound system, and audio controls from the steering wheel also become optional in 2001 dodge ram 1500.