2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 jeep grand Cherokee was one of the best SUV which people can find at that time. Nowadays, people are familiar with so many SUV models from different manufacturers but Grand Cherokee has been around pretty long. People are waiting for the jeep grand cherokee 2017 but if they do not think that they should buy the brand new one, buying the 2001 version will not be a bad decision actually. Of course, people can find that nowadays there are various new features and technologies which can be added to the vehicle but looking at the 2001 version, they must admit that it is good enough. Let’s check it out.

Trim Level

When looking for a car, there is no question that trim level options become very crucial thing which should be understood. It is sure that people will find the standard features from the basic model but if they can have more options, it means that they can get the vehicle which is really suitable to their liking. In this circumstance, 2001 version of Jeep Grand Cherokee is offered in two trim levels actually. There are Laredo and Limited trim levels. Every trim level is offered with two options of drive wheels including the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.


The next essential thing which people must not forget when buying a car must be the engine. People need to make sure that the vehicle has enough power for supporting their transportation need. 2001 version of Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with two options of engine. The standard one is inline 6 engines with 4.0 liters fuel capacity. This engine has been re-engineered in 1999 so people can find the engine which is more powerful with cleaner and quieter performance. It is able to produce 195 horsepower.

Besides the standard engine, people can also consider the optional overhead cam V8 engine with 4.7 liters fuel capacity. This engine can deliver 235 horsepower. Both engines will be supported by automatic transmission with four speeds as standard option. There is also automatic transmission with four speeds but it is optional with the V8 engine. Better fuel economy for high way drive can be found with the five-speed engine.


Limited model is offered with skid plate group and now it is completed with front tow hooks made from chrome. Different offers can be found from the Laredo model since it offers Special Appearance Group package which includes aluminum wheels with five spokes and 17 inches sixe, metallic front fascia as well as body cladding which are colored, lift gate handle and brow with body color license, body stripe at the side, fog lamps, and also leather seats.


The standard entertainment equipment in the cabin for the Limited trim level is AM/FM stereo completed with player for cassette and CD. Under dash connector can be found from the trailer tow group package. This vehicle is friendly for family because it is completed with tethor anchors for child seat. Earth friendly feature LEV compliant for the V8 engine can also be found from 2001 jeep grand Cherokee.