2008 Acura TL Type S Review

Acura TL Type S

Acura TL Type S is a model which people can find from Acura TL which is considered as luxury sedan completed with safety and comfort combination. It will not be easy to find the car with the same price which can offer the same performance with this car model.

The 2008 acura tl type s might be a great choice for people who wants to get more than just basic model for Acura TL. It is better to find out further about the offers which can be found from this luxury sedan to ensure that it is the best choice for their vehicle need.

Power and Acceleration

Yes, it is always necessary to know more about the performance which can be offered by the car including this car. The type S of Acura TL is supported with the V6 engine which has 3.5 liters fuel capacity. This engine is able to deliver 258 horsepower and 233-pound feet of torque. The engine creates very smooth sound which can be the best in V6 engines. People can be free to choose the automatic or manual transmission for this type. There are sic speeds available for this type.

Handling and Braking

Type S comes with premium price so people will get good thing from this.  When the drive the car on the curvy roads, they can find that the car is getting more responsive, better gripping, and quicker although the right foot feels heavier. As for the braking, people will find that this model comes with stopping power which is not only strong but also confident since it comes with front and rear disc four-wheel anti-lock brakes completed with brake assist as well as electronic brake force distribution.


Plenty of space can be found inside the type S after all. It is four passenger car but it is said that fifth passenger can be squeezed into the rear side if it is necessary. Type S surely is well equipped with many features from Active Noise Control to AcuuraLink satellite communication system completed with real time traffic information. People must not forget about great entertainment and stereo system in the car.

Pros and Cons

For making the right decision when buying the car, considering the pros and cons will be necessary. Of course, it means that people need to consider about the pros and cons of this car. Since the type S of Acura TL is powered with V6 engine, there is no doubt that people will find the impressive power when driving.

It also comes with various kinds of features which are standard and it means that people do not have to spend extra money for getting better driving experience. The most important thing is that this car also comes with various safety features which can enhance the safety while driving.

Unfortunately, the fact that the car comes with front wheel drive makes people have to deal with the tendency toward the torque steer. They do not have the opportunity for increasing the cargo space as well because they cannot fold the rear seatback of acura tl type s.