The 2013 jeep grand Cherokee VS the previous models which is better

2013 jeep grand Cherokee

Start your adventure with 2013 jeep grand Cherokee that offer you the worthiest jeep. This 2013 jeep grand Cherokee has powered with the powerful engine V6 and has power strength to work ion all situations. The higher engine of V8 is available as additional option; however most of reviewers are agree that the Grand Cherokee have lively acceleration even in standard one.

Powerful Engine and Outstanding Features

This is car that offer driver with powerful and fast riding. The automatic transmission is available in all engines. For the fuel economy, this car has record with 17/23mpg city/highway. With the rate number, 2013 jeep grand Cherokee includes as fuel economy vehicles for low end and tow row seats in midsize SUV category.

The 2013 jeep grand Cherokee is available with one of two four-wheel drive system that offer the system that able to adjust the various vehicles settings for different terrain types.  From the reviewers, it is said that 2013 jeep grand Cherokee is showing incredible capability in off road. They have smooth and good ride controlled especially when it is paired with air adjustable suspension.

2013 jeep grand Cherokee Eksterior

For the outlook, the 2013 jeep grand Cherokee has attractive design. This car has capacity of 5 seats passenger in two rows and both of rows offer much space and comfort for the passenger.  The cargo space has capacity of 68.7 cubic feet. The grand Cherokee comes with standard dual zone climate control.

The advancement technology that added to this series are comes with the upgraded nine speaker audio system, Bluetooth, Usb port system, rear seat entertainment system, navigation, heated rear and front seat, rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, and voice controlled Uconnect infotainment system.  The Voice Uconnect system allows driver for work well with various phone and music functions.

Engine Options for the Series

The other option that you might want to consider is 2008 jeep grand Cherokee if you want to have lower specs but still in powerful strength of jeep grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee is vehicle that offer excellent riding for off road capabilities and it also better equipped, with interior that have been refined more rather than the previous models. This car has become the top list option for off road SUVs.

Most of the test driver on 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee reviews this car as excellent off-road vehicles that featured with a lot of options, luxurious interior and 5 options of powerful engine. As this car has been redesigned from the previous generation, the vehicles have featured with new engine of V8 engine 4.7lt. This engine has increases about 24% from the engine horsepower and the fuel economy enhance rather than the previous V8 engine.

2013 jeep grand Cherokee Interior

New Features for the Series

 Although this car has few changes in outside, but do not worry because there are also several new features that added to this generation. The new features added include the SIRIUS back seat TV, high intensity discharge auto leveling headlamps, and the entertainment system from MyGig. The seating capacity is for 5 passengers, the EPA rate counted at 11-18 city and 14-23 mpg highway.

Since the Jeep Grand Cherokee has launches in the first 1993, the car has been last redesigned on 1999. The changes in 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee has becomes the most significant changes that have been made in this Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in four trims, Base model (Laredo), the Limited Trim, the Overland and the SRT-8 for those who choose vehicles based for the performance category. They are all available in two or four-wheel drive with the exceptional option for SRT8 that only available in 4WD.

The trim of limited and Overland is also available with V6 diesel engine.  What makes this 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee less, it has small cargo capacity compare to other rivals in the same class. In addition, rear seat comfort also suffers the limited legroom. However, the luxurious interior and engine control handling makes this Jeep Grand Cherokee as great sense for the new vehicles to buy.

If you want to have more revolutionary changes in jeep grand Cherokee, then you might want to consider for the next jeep grand cherokee 2011. This is the 4th generation from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee always consistent with its two row seats, and dedicated for 5 passenger seats.

2013 jeep grand Cherokee Interior

This makes this car is different with the other rivals that add third row seating option. In other way, Jeep Grand Cherokee has defined changes for improving their level into refinement and the sophistication but still contribute to the off-road truck capabilities, on road capability and rugged car style. In this version, you are able to find wide range configuration that you need for your driving.

The entire trims are coming with the standard engines of 3.6lt V6 and 290hp, 6400 rpm and 260lb feet torque at 4800 rpm. This power has increases the capacity of hp into 80hp and 25lb feet over the previous V6 engine that use for previous Jeep Grand Cherokee. For the Laredo, Limited and Overland trim, they are able to upgraded into 360hp, use 5.7lt Hemi V8 with 390 lb feet torque. The speed transmission is only available in 5 speed automatic transmission.

The towing capacity is able to 500 pounds using V6 and 7400 pounds using Hemi. The favorite features from this 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee version are the Quadra Lift suspension. The Quadra Lift air suspension creates excellent support features for the Jeep Grand Cherokee of four-wheel drive system.

When the suspension reaches the maximum height, the system will creates 10.7 inches ground clearance and enhance the departures angles and approach during the break over height.  The system also lowering the vehicles, easing the entry as well as it improves the engine aerodynamics and enhances the fuel economy even in high speeds.

The next feature that becomes favorite changes in this version is the system of Select Terrain that makes driver are able to changes the vehicle behavior for the wide range of driving environment. With single knob twisted, the system will tweak the distribution of torque and maximize performance in different condition such as snow, mud, rock, and sand.