2015 ford f 150 New Advancement Technology Change

2015 ford f 150

The 2015 ford f 150 is best American selling car. This car is claimed as high tech pickup truck with luxury invention. The new features are created for comfort and add the luxury and technology both in inside and outside. The 2015 Ford F 150 is the 13th generation from F series pickup model. The F 150 series has become the first selling car number in the segment. The 2015 Ford F 150 has become the heaviest and oldest truck in the segment and offers the new advancements in material and engine options.

The Body

This car has become the first large vehicles that the key is offer the full aluminum body. The entire cab configuration and inch of inside and outside bed shell is made with the aluminum of military grade. The new 2015 F series start in several trims level packages; include XL, XLT, King Ranch, Lariat, and the Platinum packages. For the sport and chrome package, is available for additional option.

For the optional, there is large digital screen among speedometer and analog tachometer, the 360-degree camera system, the remote release tailgate, spotlight on side mirror housing and the cargo box lamps. If you need more space for your storage, there flat floor in cabin that make you able to store boxes when fold the rear seats. The new BoxLink system has added with four anchors in bed sides that makes drivers are able to hook the tie downs, E track, or bungee records, the cargo management system that look familiar with the ATVs.

2015 ford f 150

For the exterior, they have different overall look at different level. For XL and XLT, the grilles have two open mouth areas in each side grilles with standard Ford Grilles of three bars in middle. For last three levels trims, Lariat, Platinum and King Ranch, it has more super duty three bar grilles. For the safety features, you can say thanks for the airbags and stability control system that added to this vehicle.

2015 ford f 150 has some to do for catch up their riding quality and rigidity that makes this car has becomes popular vehicles to buy.  This car offers smooth ride and the calm structure make every driver who drives this car so happy. The car displays better on body control and offer cabin that quitter than other. The steering control becomes more accurate and responsive.

The brake pedal become touchy and need more improvement next. The car manufacturer said that the fuel economy from this car has gains about 5 to 20% from over last year figures since use aluminum diet. For owner that use this pickup truck to work, the real benefit from aluminum body in this car is when the weight is taken out from the truck and can be uses for raising towing and increase the payload capacities.

Capacity and Engine

The 2015 ford f 150 is claimed that it has highest maximum ratings on light duty truck with 12.200 pounds towing capacity and 3300 pounds of in-bed capacity.  In other higher version from this Ford 150 f, you can consider for 2016 ford F-150 that offer you few changes feature for adding your comfort.

One thing that recognized from this car is the lightweight changes that not sacrifice any worthy feature thing on the previous models. The engine has powered with excellent 2.7lt Eco boost of V6 engine. The vehicles offer better great riding quality and the easier control using Pro Trailer Assist. The Pro Trailer Assist is feature that makes driver easier for backup into the tight driveway or have boat launch with the trailer.

It just likes simple turn with dash knob. The disappearing feature of My Ford Touch is other significant changes that added to 2016 model. MyFord Touch is replaced with Ford’s Sync 3 Infotainment system.  The 2016 model has states as fresh transformation that creates leaner design from the previous model with new infotainment system.

Playing role in category as full size pickup trucks, this car has great worthy value for towing capability and payload rate, the interior space and bed dimensions make this big truck are inch in forward from the other rivals. The fuel economy also plays important issues in this full-size truck.

2015 ford f 150

The 2016 version handle the passenger and cargo in better way than ever. The fleet duty regular cabs, the superCab trim, and the SuperCrew four doors trim offer great space that match for the 5 feet-6 inch, 6 foot 6 inch and 8 foot beds size.

Considering to all possible angle to redesign, the 2016 version has redesigned to make no mistake done, where every inch is made in super detail. Make this car version extract every possibility for the classic style pickup truck into the revolutionary one. For 2016 ford f-150 performance, the engine V8 is stay in the lineup, as well as with the base V6 engine.

But the heart lineup from the version is defines by two turbocharges V6 engines. The base model engine is made with 3,5Lt turbo V6 and makes better option with price needed for $795 to upcharge design. The vehicles are powered with 325Hp and 375-pound feet of torque and available for towing capacity up to 8500 pounds.

2015 ford f 150

For the two engines, it has 5 Lt V8 and powered with 385 hp and capable for twin turbo 3.5lt V6 engine on 365hp. The top towing is at 12.200 pounds that makes Ford as best in the full-size class. The engines are mixed with six-speed automatic transmission.

The 4×4 and 4×2 wheel drive configuration is available for choose. However, the 2016 has ordinary look, not as revolutionary changes designs as expected before. The aluminum car’s bodies that use are potential for increase the price of repairing. There are no more bragging rights 2.2 lt with V8 engine anymore available. If you are looking for heavy duty truck, then 2015 ford f 150 can be number one considered.  The car is full power and gives you what you need for heavy truck pickup job.