2015 Honda Civic Si : Review, Ratings, and Features

2015 Honda Civic Si

2015 Honda Civic Si is an improved generation of Honda Civic Si series. Honda Civic is an ultimate choice for a sedan type. It has features making you trust to select this car. It is a high reputation sedan car not requiring an introduction and high efforts to take a choice of this car.

Features of 2015 Honda Civic Si Giving You a Shift

2015 Honda Civic Si is only completed by manual. It defines a car for a sedan lover and enthusiasts. It has been empowered by i- VTEC refusing to turbocharging lure. As the result, it is able to produce 2.3 liter transferred naturally four cylinders making 203 horsepower and 174 pound – feet torque.

This engine has Hyde and Jekyll personality. It makes a lot of power and torque above 4.000 rpm. As a condition, in driving normally, it is actually less powerful. However, when VTEC supports it, it gets more powerful to drive.

2015 Honda Civic Si

Using a manual system is used to keep a smooth transmission and beneficial spots. It lets a driver get involved in a making process. However, if it is compared to turbocharged rival, Si is rather slow.

But, a manual system helps you to drive smoothly. The manual transmission can work beautifully due to shifter. The shifter is a key for an aggressive performance of this car.

Things Making You Like and Dislike 2015 Honda Civic Si

2015 Honda Civic Si was a modification of the previous generation of this sedan type. This sedan has some features making you like and dislike it. What are the pros and contras about this sedan car?

Things You Like

  • The 2015 Civic Si has 2.4 liter i – Vtec engine producing 2015 horsepower and low torque.

  • It has usable rpm to improve high performance.

  • Civic Si’s steering and handling is effortless and light so that you can control this car easily

  • Mirrorlink compatibility feature enables you to allow HD radio and smartphone connection, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

  • It has comfortable interior and exterior

  • High tech performance with low price

Things You Dislike

  • Honda Link infotainment system is slow to respond data and inputs

  • Requiring more power

  • It has unrefined FWD drivetrain system.

Those are some things that can be used for convincing your decision before buying this Honda Civic. It is another option for 2013 Honda Civic Si.

2015 Honda Civic Si

Rating of 2015 Honda Civic Si

2006 honda civic si looks promising to select. But, the 2015 series will be better. This car deserves to get a credit about 7.5 points. It has great features helping to improve the rating and points in the market. Honda Civic Si is helpful to create budget performance with Si flagship.

It is an appropriate type of car to develop and get tremendous for a powerful performance. In addition, it is a lower – price car with faster speed and stiffer performance. Embedded features such as torque, drive system, engine, infotainment, interior and exterior features are enough to convince the customers to take a deal with this sedan type. That is why this car got a fairly point for the rating of 2015 Honda Civic Si.