2015 lexus rx 350 VS 2010 Lexus Rx 350

2015 lexus rx 350

If you are looking for midsize SUV, then 2015 lexus rx 350 can be great option to consider. The 2015 lexus rx 350 offer spacious interior, the smooth riding, the V6 machine, and the predictable reliability. That’s why, it is not surprise to know that this car included as luxury midsize SUV class. The 2015 lexus rx 350 has powered with V6 engine, 270 hp, and 6 speed automatic transmission. This car has become popular car on sale for most luxury crossover SUV.

The Trim Options

The 2015 Lexus RX150 has three level trim, the standard, F sport, and Crafted Line. 2015 lexus rx is available in front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. They are come with standard 18-inch alloys wheel, rear privacy glass, LED running lamps, dual zone automatic climate control, auto dimming rearview mirror, and power lift gate.

For owner that looking for comfortable car, the 2015 lexus rx 350 is good option. This car offers 5 seats and comfortable leg and head room in both of passenger and front rows. The seats are made in soft, comfortable and have good contour that comfort to sit. The standard using cloth upholstery and leather option is available and it is heated and ventilated in front seats.

2015 lexus rx 350
2015 lexus rx 350

For those who have children, the 2015 lexus rx 350 offer safety for children by the connectors of LATCH connectors that secure children. When driving in highway speeds, the cabin condition is exceptionally quiet.  However, if you want to have lot passenger, then you might consider for others.

This car has no third row set option. So, this car only has 5 passenger capacities. If you have growing family, this car might not suitable for you.  However, for most car shopper, this car is one type that offers perfect combination of space, utility and luxury at once.

For the entertainment, 2015 lexus rx 350 has equipped with 7-inch display screen, Bluetooth, rearview camera, remote keyless entry, and Siri Eyes Free voice recognition.  There are supported features such as navigation, dual rear-seats DVD screens, and head up display that giving driving information in the windshield.

How about the safety? If you concern about the safety, then 2015 lexus rx 350 have highest rating for GOOD rate from The Insurance Institute for Highway safety with four crash tests. The other institute, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives perfect 5 stars rate for the side impact testing, and 4 from 5 stars for rollover and front crash safety.

With standard rearview camera, the 2015 lexus rx 350 is featured with blind spot monitoring that includes as package from Luxury package, front and rear parking sensors, and forward collision warning with adaptive cruise control. The 2015 lexus rx 350 is the final model from the third vehicle generation since it has been launched in 2010.

If you want to buy for similar equipped car, then you can consider 2012 lexus rx 350 that have lower price.  Buying 2015 lexus rx 350 can be a good option for your pocket. The year of 2012 Lexus RX 350 has average price to pay at $19.775 to $21.089. This is what called with premium and exceptional tranquil ride. As the previous model from 2015 lexus rx 350, this has much power to deliver.

Engine and Other Features

This car has automatic transmission at six speeds and has quick shifting. For the EPA rate, this car estimated at rate 18/25 mpg city/highway. This means that 2012 lexus rx 350 has better fuel economy rather than other SUV in same class.

2010 Lexus Rx 350
2010 Lexus Rx 350

The test drivers also reviewed that this car has relatively handling control and some of them also noticed that you cannot take speed through corner such as this car rival, BMW. Most of them are agree that the RX 350 has comfort ride over the rough roads.

They also said that the steering from RX 350 has sufficient feedback and the brakes have powerful stopping power. The cabin is featured with soft leather and classy wood trim. The front seats also offer the ample space and the comfortable for long driving period. For the cargo space, it has 80.3 cubic feet that means it has more space rather than other two row SUV rival.

More than 10 years passed since Lexus introduce their RX300, the luxury SUV is built with the Camry Platform.  The RX level becomes better and it becomes the most sport crossover utility vehicles that hunted. Go back to 2010 lexus rx 350, the car offers lower rate for your pocket but it still worthy for you to buy.

The price that you need to spend is about $10.771 to $25.889 for the used 2010 Lexus Rx 350. The car offer driver for luxury and velvet ride quality. The 2010 is the larger model from the previous year complete. The styled driver controls and passenger zone create the sophisticated look to the space in the car.

This is the moderately drivetrain updated version. The car has 3.5 lt V6 with 275hp and 6 speed automatic transmissions and available for front wheel or all-wheel drive option. The larger brake rotors make the car has improving braking feel. For the drive comfort, the electric power steering has increases and improved double wishbone suspension as well as done.

2010 Lexus Rx 350-2

The cabin is increased to 5% into behind of second row seats cabin. For the safety, it has 10 airbags in all, with curtain airbags and side bags in rear seats among the position. The car also has standard anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control in all trims, as well as with features of hill holder that makes safer improvement fir swoopy terrain driving.

The style of 2010 Lexus might not consider as best standing outlook, but this is what makes you think for a practical vehicle that you need. The 2010 Lexus RX 350 is representation for the lineup of the previous generation from RX lexus but the style has not changes in drastically. The exterior from 2010 Lexus still in conservative curves as it becomes t defines style for the middle of road profile that lexus has been known for it.