2016 BMW 3 Series

2016 BMW 3 series

If you are looking for super compact luxury sedan, then 2016 BMW 3 Series can be good option to start in your list. With this car, you are able to enjoy smooth optional engine and great combination of features that lead you to great impression to test drive.

This car has agile handling. The rear wheel drive is the standard one and the all-wheel drive is optional that driver can choose. What makes this sedan as top list sedan is the balances sharp handling that equal with good ride quality. The engine option offers more power but smoothness and fuel economy efficiency.

The spacious interior and upgraded with easy use control makes this sedan has becomes the popular compact sedan to buy. If you want to buy used car, then this car is good option to buy. If you want to buy this car, then you might want to know more about the standard feature from this luxury sedan car.

The car is designed for fill your style. This is perfect option for those who want to have car with personalization touch. They have distinctive detail body design, features and the custom option that makes BMW 3 series is good reason to buy. The standard feature from BMW 3 series are Bluetooth, dual zone climate control, moonroof, 16 speaker Harman audio system, satellite radio, and iDrive infotainment system with 6.5 inch display screen, perfect corners with 50-50 weight distribution, advanced suspension system, dynamic handling, and impressive EPA. This also offer you what called with worthy valuable vehicles.

2016 BMW 3 series
Although this car has nice cabin but some rivals from same segment has more upscale interiors. This series also has lower safety rating than other cars in same class. However, it has good job in crash test. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives 5 stars rate and Good (the highest earns) in four test that performed by BMW 3 series. For the safety features, this car has standard active safety features such as front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, view camera in side and top, blind spot monitoring and warning for lane departure.

But do not worry, if you still want to have BMW 3 series, you can consider from the higher series. You can consider buying the higher series of 2017 bmw 3 series that offer advancement feature and technology. The most significant change that come from 2017 bmw 3 series is the new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that available for model 330i (formerly the 328t) and the latest engine of turbo 6-cylinder engine for the 340i Grand Turismo (formerly 335i). The technology added also with features of wireless charging phone and the Wi Fi hotspot.

For the price, there are not significant changes that increase $1800 for 340i model and no changes price for 320i. Several changes for the BMW 3 series has noted into 2017 series. As the previous 2016 335i GT used the 300hp, 6-cylinder engine turbo 3.0, in 2017 the model has 320hp, 3.0lt six cylinders that available in 2016 340i sedan version.

By the engine change, the model name also changes from 335i into 340i Xdrive Grand Turismo. For the 320i model, it goes back to 180hp, 2.0lt 4cylinders turbocharged and for the 328d Version, it has powered with 2.0lt diesel 4 cylinder that also result 180hp. The 2017 model also available with hybrid version where it results the 180hp gas engine and combined with the electric motor and the lithium ion battery package to result the total 247hp power.

The M sports trim level is available in model 340i. For you who consider for driver aids and safety in top list, then you need to check for the driver Assistance and Driver Assistances Plus package when you buy the BMW 3 series. These features allow you to have maximum safety when you have crash or anything that danger your life.

2016 BMW 3 series
If you still want to buy used BMW 3 series, then consider these several things. For more powerful engine and alternative powertrain, you can consider the base model. If you buy new 2016 bmw 3 series, then there are new additional features that you can add in your new car. Then, which should you buy, 2017 or 2016? With there are no significant increase money to buy, then buying 2016 bmw 3 series can be a good deal for you.

However, if budget is not a matter, then buying 340i is good deal for technology consideration. The 340i technology includes the smooth 6cylinder engine, with elegant and advanced improvement in infotainment system. For pleasure time, this also offers good sound system. The alpha numeric for BMW 3 series from BMW is for the installation for new engines by adding cell phone charging and WiFi hot spot that available for all models.

For decades ago, BMW has invented the compact luxury car and BMW series 3 is the heritage from the invention. For good reason, this car has become bestselling car in the class and no other can stop it. The 3 series makes little compromises in sedan and wagon style that makes the car more practical.

2016 BMW 3 Series

The vehicles are simultaneously sporty and comfortable; the compact feeling without being feeling of confining and fuel engines economy becomes the key for this powerful ride. Since this BMW 3 series has wide range of configuration availability, this makes you are able to choose which one that fit with your requirement.

When you choose for your need, choose based on features you need the budget and where you most use the car. The BMW 3 series are the remaining popular model line among the coupe and convertible. BMW is one that offers you with the low interest loans to pay, discount lease, and even the cash rebates that will peddle the claim for best luxury brand in wide range countries. If your neighbor has driven their BMW 3 series, this does not mean that they are richer; this can be because they have good deal for buying their new BMW 3 series car.