2016 Honda Accord Sport Review

2016 Honda Accord Sport

2016 Honda Accord Sport is popular enough in US. People buy 2016 Honda Accord Sport because it has various features and high quality specifications. Actually, the previous version of Honda Accord Sport, such as 2014 Honda Accord Sport is also best-selling car in the US. No wonder if many people want to buy 2016 Honda Accord Sport as soon as possible. Read some information below to know more about 2016 Honda Accord Sport review.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Exterior Design

Many people consider about exterior design before buying a new car. For you who want to buy 2016 Honda Accord Sport, you need to know about its exterior. Actually, its exterior looks good. Compare to the previous version, it has improved exterior styling.

2016 Honda Accord SportSome new elements of 2016 Honda Accord Sport are a new grille, taillights, front and rear fascias, and LED fog lights. Those elements make the exterior becomes more interesting than before. For you who want to buy a new car with good exterior design, this car can be your recommendation.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Interior Design

Now, let’s we talk about interior design of 2016 Honda Accord Sport. Not only comes with good exterior, the car also comes with good interior design. Compare to the previous version, the car comes with roomy and comfortable interior. When you get in the car, you will know that the cabin looks larger than the previous version. The passenger seats look comfortable enough. Finally, it will make you feel so comfortable during driving the car.

Not only about interior design, 2016 Honda Accord Sport also comes with sophisticated technologies you can find in interior. Yes, there are some features in interior part that make you feel so comfortable, for example is Bluetooth for phone and hands free texting.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Interior

There is also an 8-inch in-dash screen to make you easy for controlling various elements on your car. Other features that may be helpful for you are audio system with AM/FM/CD, USB port, Pandora Internet Radio, music streaming and aux-in jack. All features will give you comfort during driving the car.

2016 Honda Accord Sport Engine

Engine is also important part that should be considered when buying a new car. 2016 Honda Accord Sport comes with a 2.4 liter, 189-horsepower, and also 4-cylinder engine. It makes the car becomes powerful enough. With sophisticated engine, the car will give you reliable speed. For you who need a car that is so powerful, 2016 Honda Accord Sport is much recommended.

How Much is 2016 Honda Accord Sport Engine?

Actually, there are still many features of 2016 Honda Accord Sport, such as sport seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, multi-angle rearview camera, and many more. Because of many features, this car will hypnotize you to buy this car as soon as possible.

There are also other cars from Honda that have good features, such as 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2017 Honda Accord Coupe, and many more. But, you need to prepare your money first. About price, 2016 Honda Accord Sport price starts from $22,205-$34,680. It depends on trim level. So, you can buy 2016 Honda Accord Sport engine which the price is suitable with your budget.