Mini Cooper for Sale, Prices and Features

Mini Cooper for Sale

Mini Cooper for Sale – What do you have in mind when you see a Mini Cooper? Well, for most car enthusiasts, this car is actually like a jaunty little car that has spirited performance and playful styling. It offers a similar go-kart handling which makes it unique. Despite its front row which becomes as fun area, the back row is actually in short supply.

Overall, it can be concluded that this car is actually one of the best in terms of subcompact car with athletic handling. Thanks to its turbo engines that it comes with various zoom levels, excellent grip and responsive steering. All those features allow the car to have a zippiness feeling. This car pretty much focuses on satisfying only the front seat driver and passengers because the rear seat passengers are left with cramped room. And its cargo space is also limited.

Mini Cooper Concept and Features

The unique features and concept of this car makes it quite popular in the market. Today, many choices of Mini Cooper for sale in various colors are available and can be found both online and offline. Perhaps, you wonder before you finally buy one, based on what reasons that you should buy the car.

Well, among the reason is its snappy performance. The car offers animated handling and lively acceleration which livens up the normal drab daily commute. It makes the car a comfortable vehicle for everyday’s commute. The signature look of this car indeed is appealing especially for those who look for outstanding small car. There are so many ways for its customizations that you as the owner can choose.

Moving inside the cabin, the car may not be as convenient as bigger hatchbacks like mazda mx 5 rf. The two-door version for instance has four seats that can fit for four people. The car offers comfortable and supportive front seats completed with heated seats, sport seats and leather upholstery.

But the rear seat is different as it is more cramped and much less convenient especially for long drive. For regular use, it is recommended to get the four-door models for convenience. Despite these flaws, Mini Cooper interior is quirky, well built and looking luxury.

Price of Mini Cooper for Sale

In terms of the price, the Mini Cooper is actually the most expensive car in the hatchbacks and subcompact cars segment. Its retail price for a new one starts at $21.600 for two doors model. But if you want to get the four-door model, you should add another $1.000.

Also add another $5.100 if you wish to get the Mini Cooper convertible. As for the Mini Cooper S Trim, the price is a bit more expensive. It starts at $25.200. In case you are more into the John Cooper Works trim, you should pay at least $31.800 for the car with two doors and $36.600 for Mini Cooper convertible.

Meanwhile, there are also two other versions that include Mini Clubman sold at around $24.800 and Mini Countryman at around $26.600. All these prices are definitely not cheap in terms of small subcompact cars.