Special Things You Should Know about 2016 Honda Civic Touring

2016 Honda Civic Touring

Sedan is identically related to a small car but it is not if you drive 2016 honda civic touring. In fact, this car is known as a spacious sedan. Of course, driving this car is more than its spacious area inside. To know what this sedan can do for its drivers, let’s check the information below and reduce your curiosity about this car.

For short information, just imagine that you are driving a spacious sedan along with high tech system, stylish exterior, and great safety features. The list below helps you to understand this car better so you can include it as one of your dream cars.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Amazing Exterior

As a spacious sedan, 2016 Honda Civic Touring is still classified as a compact car. It is an ordinary sedan because it seems that the body adapts the style of 2016 honda accord coupe and hatchback. Besides driving the Touring trim, you can also choose to drive 2016 honda civic ex, LX, EX-T, and EX-L.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Eksterior

The exterior design makes people adore this car. It can be seen from the roofline design. The roofline design seems to be the strong characteristic of Honda Civic Touring because it is different than any other design on its class. Honda Civic Touring is also a stylish sedan on its class. Thanks to the automatic headlight, LED light, and taillight which make this car elegant enough to drive.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Interior

How about the interior? Is the amazing exterior cover up an amazing interior to? Yes, it seems that you will get more than you are expected from this car. You may start with its high tech entertainment system. This system will accompany you everywhere you drive the car.

In specific, you will have a car with 7 inch display audio system and it is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. To make you drive the car more comfortable, the manufacture installs specific feature in its interior. Those are including Lanewatch, a split rear seat, remote start, and heated side mirror. Driver information Interface is also the latest technology installed there. By using this feature, driver is able to access real time navigation, music, and phone information.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Interior

2016 Honda Civic Touring Performance

To boost its performance, 2016 Honda Civic Touring is using a four-cylinder engine. The type of the engine is various and it depends on which one of the trim level you take. For the Touring trim level, Honda is installing a turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the power of the car. This is the same engine installed on 2016 honda civic ex-t and EX-L. The engine increases the power of the car by producing up to 174 horsepower.

The unique part is on the transmission in which it uses a variable transmission. This transmission is similar to automatic transmission system. The turbocharged engine is the best option for Honda Civic Touring because it is also support fuel economically friendly car. How about the speed of this car? It seems that the speed of Honda Civic Touring is similar to the old sport Civic. Due to this achievement, this car is listed as a fast car than the other cars in its class.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Safety

Besides considering about the performance and style, Honda is also really gave their attention on the safety. Because of that, 2016 Honda Civic Touring is ready with safety features which make you more comfortable while driving the car. Let say, this latest car has standard safety features such as stability control, antilock disk brake, airbags, and rearview camera.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Interior

One more safety system installed is known as HondaLink System which provides the driver with emergency crash notification. You are about to drive the care along with Honda sensing safety package. This safety package consists of cruise control, lane departure warning and intervention, and also forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking.

Short Overview about 2016 Honda Civic Touring

As a compact sedan along with spacious space, 2016 Honda Civic Touring is classified as a luxury car than the latest cars. It seems that the replacement of the dash with the restrain layout and upscale materials. The uniqueness is also on the steering wheel which supported by a button. This is a volume button so you just need to push it to increase the volume without disturbing your driving focus.

The large screen with touchscreen technology makes everything easy to control. Probably, Honda needs to consider about creating a little bit bigger buttons size to make compatible with fingers. The storage is also large enough. The size is similar to 7.2 liters capacity. It can be used to put more than one iPads and a large water bottle. In short, due to all aspects of 2016 Honda Touring, this car is a great option for family vehicle.

2016 Honda Civic Touring Price

After discussing about important aspects of this car, definitely people are curious about the price. Can you predict the price of 2016 Honda Civic Touring? As a luxury and compact car, Honda Civic Touring is considered as affordable car. It can be seen from the trim lines, acceleration, and handle. The size is also large enough for small and lovely family. Due to those considerations, 2016 Honda Civic Touring is offered around $30.000.

2016 Honda Civic Touring InteriorThe price is various and it depends on the type of the car you choose. You also get 2 different types of warranties such as 3 years and 5 years. Those warranties are similar to 36.000 miles and 60.000 miles. By spending that amount of money, you are driving a car with great balance and high quality classic Civic. In fact the details above make Honda Civic so famous in car lovers.

So, what do you think about the detail of the car? It seems that the detail makes you more curious to try its comfort and technology. Moreover, what do you think about the price? It is reasonable enough if it is compared with the design, technology, and features? It might be a must have type of Honda Civic this year. Definitely, 2016 Honda Civic Touring boosts your confidence whether for professional owners or drivers who want to spend long distance holiday with their small and lovely family.