Tesla Model 3 Price and Closer Look

Tesla Model 3 Price

Tesla Model 3 price, according to the company, will be started from 35,000 USD before the tax of federal and local incentive. On Friday, July 28, the first car of this brand is handed over by the company. The owner could order this car through online form and the car will be delivered directly after the official grand launching is launched.

The First Drive we have had could reveal how this car would be. We are also going to know if this car is one of the best all-wheel drive cars or not. Just read this article till the last word after all.

Optional all-glass roof

Basically, not everyone wants sunroof on their car and you can get the non-sunroof if it is not your thing. This car put the glass roof on the optional section and you can get it by paying 5,000 USD for the package named Premium Upgrades. The upgrades also include the heater rear seats, upgraded stereo, wood trim, and fancier material with dedicated USB port for charging. Metal roof is the standard.

Tesla Model 3 Price-2

The front trunk

Tesla Model 3 price is also included the technology of front trunk at the front part. It is enough for the carry-on luggage though. So, if your carry-on luggage can be fit in the flying trunk of this car then it must be fit into the overhead bin after all.

The superchargers

The Model 3 is equipped with the Supercharge and you can use it. But if the owner wants to use it then they will be charged according to the kilowatt/hour or the local regulations applied. It is just enough to cover the costs and not to make money or profit.

Dual-motor of all-wheel-drive

At the launching, the Tesla Model 3 is equipped with rear-wheel-drive. But in the future, there will be the dual-motor for AWD drivetrain which makes this car gets into the community of all-wheel-drive cars. Fortunately, the front motor will not affect the pace of the front trunk.

Autopilot hardware

All the car types will be equipped with the cameras and also the necessary hardware to support the autopilot mode that is installed. When the owner wants to activate the autopilot mode, the owner has to pay 5,000 USD first. The good news is you can decide it later because the software can be installed anytime no matter where you are in the future.

Tesla Model 3 Price Interior

Self-driving software

Later in the future, Tesla will put out the software of full self-driving in the world. This software will allow you to get the advance cruise control from autopilot mode as well as the system of lane keeping. And Tesla Model 3 is ready for that technology. You can upgrade your car by buying the autopilot software for 5,000 USD as well as 3,000 USD for the self-driving software. The software can be pre-ordered from now and pay it after it has been released in the future.

Again, this car is the definition of sophisticated car with excellent technology. The features are paid out with Tesla Model 3 price.